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Photos are for printing

So last week I mentioned that I would be offering a little incentive to those of you who are on the fence about booking a family photo session. Because there is no time like the present to document your crazy love you have for your family, kids, spouse. Seriously, your little babies will soon be toddlers, and then will soon be full blown kids, who will soon be teenagers. I don't mean to speed up time on you, but there's always an excuse why you need to put it off (want to lose those extra pounds, grow out your hair, whiten your teeth, etc.). But here's the reality check. Your family loves you just the way you are. And you should too. And you should document your family's awesomeness - time passes all too quickly.

I want to show you how amazing your family is. I want to tell your story. I want to help you remember some of those in between moments. Right. Now.

If you purchase a family session during the month of April, I am going to toss in a soft cover photo album for you. Because photos are meant to be looked at together. They're not supposed to sit on your hard drive. So go ahead, send me an email or contact me through the little tab above, or find me on facebook and message me there. There's nothing more fun than sitting down with your kids, flipping through photos together, remembering the days gone by.

gphotoco_print_ your_pictures.jpg


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