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SEE Palm Springs

So I've mentioned a few times that a couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend SEE Palm Springs which was put on by The Bloom Forum. It was an amazing experience. I've never attended a photography workshop before, and I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew it would have all my favorite things included, but it would definitely be out of my comfort zone. I tend to really enjoy hanging out at home, or being out and about with my family. But flying to Palm Springs solo, and meeting a bunch of new people was kind of scary! But scary in the best possible way. Not only did I get to meet some friends who I've only known through the computer, but I came away having learned so much, relaxed, re-ignited this passion I have and found new creative energy. It also helps that a few of us text each other every single day, and in this business where you can be kind of isolated behind a computer screen, it is so encouraging to know there are kind, inspiring, wonderful women who share this crazy love of photography with me, and who encourage me and support me in this adventure.

Here are few of my favorite film photos from the weekend - lots more to come over the coming weeks. These were shot on Portra 400 (one Ektar photo snuck in there) on my Pentax 645n. Developed and scanned by The FIND Lab.

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