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Camera remotes and self portraits

I remembered that I had a camera remote (purchased off amazon for a couple buck) tucked away in my bedroom. I had just finished reading a number of books to the littlest one and figured I had better get a photo of us snuggling on her bed and playing in her room. I knew with the remote she would be pretty engaged, so I set the camera up and let her press the button. I ended up with a number of photos that I'm pretty sure I will love forever because they are totally just us being us. Nothing fancy, I'm wearing workout pants and have my hair in a pony tail - but that doesn't really matter. It's the simple moments that matter.

If you are wanting to get a few self portraits, set up your camera (I had mine resting on the edge of the bed...I know, scary! I did put a few pillows on the floor *just in case* my kids got wild and knocked it off on to the floor), make sure to change your settings to your 2 sec self timer/remote control and then fire away and have fun!

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