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12 Months of Film: January

This month I embarked on my film journey (medium format film journey). Can I just say, I am in love. I am absolutely loving this process. It's so unexpected. It's slow. It's thoughtful. It's hard. I can't tell you how many of my images from my first roll off my medium format camera came back blurry...hello manual focus, nice to meet you. I am so excited to see what this journey brings. So, here are a few images. Some are medium format, shot on my Pentax 645N. Some are 35mm, shot on my Canon EOS3.

Medium Format, shot on Portra 800, shot at box speed, developed and scanned by theFINDlab, Basic+.

These next shots are 35mm, Fuji 400H, rated at 800, pushed 1 stop, developed and scanned by theFINDlab, Basic+.

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